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Queensland and Australia’s most comprehensive Hydrogen Summit.

Please note: We reserve the right to change the topics, timing & venue

Workshop Overview
  • Your opportunity to discuss pressing topics in a practical, interactive, and learning oriented 4-hour workshop setting prior to the Summit.
  • Delegate numbers are limited, and you can register on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Your feedback from the workshops will be relayed into the Summit Roundtable Discussions in the Plenary Session on 06 September 2023

Delegates will have a choice to select a tech tour or workshop session subject to availability and on a first come first served basis. Note: Workshops and Tech Tours are limited to 40 delegates

Registration and Welcome Refreshments

Technical Tour 1

BOC: Hydrogen Electrolysis Production in Action & BP Lytton Hydrogen Refueller

The Renewable Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Project aims to demonstrate renewable hydrogen production at a commercially viable scale, and help progress the commercialisation of hydrogen for vehicle transport in Australia. (Renewable Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Project - Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)). This includes green hydrogen production at the BOC Bulwer Island as well as the first hydrogen refuelling station at a conventional service station in Australia. BOC will share their learnings on the supply chain as well as localisation of technology in this emerging space.

Limited to 15 attendees on first come first served basis

Technical Tour Hosts:

Chris Dolman, Business Development Manager Clean Hydrogen, BOC Asia Pacific, and Dana Spiers, Director, Strategy and Clean Energy, BOC



Hydrogen Skills and Workforce Design, Build and Planning Required to Serve a Well Operated Hydrogen Sector

Part 1:

  • Mapping the work opportunities and capabilities envisaged
  • Skills design and build required to deliver the hydrogen workforce of the future, including:
    • HET’S
    • R & D
    • Engineers
    • Artisans
    • Professional services
    • Quality, safety, and compliance roles
  • Determining the feasibility of an onsite and remote mix
  • Assessing the transferable skills from other sectors
  • Harnessing funding from The National Reconstruction Fund
  • Tapping into Queensland Government’s Energy and Job Skills Plan and the Job Security Guarantee for energy workers
  • Accessing training hubs
  • Aligning local training and workforce development projects
  • Introducing micro-credentials and bridging training


Jake Jacobs, Manager Hydrogen Skills Australia, GISPH2

David Cross, CEO, Energy Skills Queensland

Part 2: Manufacturing H2 Skills

  • Introduction and overview of the VET Emerging Industries Fund Manufacturing.

    Wayne Lee, Queensland Industry Skills Advisor Manufacturing, Manufacturing Skills Queensland

  • Updates from Central Queensland including competency development.

    Malcom Garrick, Business Development Manager, Campus Leader College of Trades/Tertiary Education Division, CQ University

  • Updates from North Queensland and competency development - TAFE project.

    Shawn O'Sullivan, Emerging Industries Business Development Manager, TAFE Queensland

  • Energy Skills Queensland, Hydrogen Skills Australia. Gateway Industry to Schools Program: Hydrogen. Introduction into the program, its goals and outcomes as well as discussing the opportunities for participation of both schools and industry.

    Gail Hands, Project Officer, GISPH2

  • Skills Gap Analysis between the Hydrogen sector and the gas industry - feedback on research completed by Hydrogen Skills Australia.

    Jake Jacobs, Jake Jacobs, Manager, Hydrogen Skills Australia

  • Transport and Logistics H2 Skills introduction

    Camilla Elmes, Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Advisor, Queensland Trucking Association.

  • Insight from industry.

    Scott Travers, Director, Pure Hydrogen

  • H2 Skills in Automotive. Overview on hydrogen powered heavy vehicles in the Automotive Industry and the future skills and workforce development needs to support these vehicles.

    Ross Thompson, General Manager Aftersales, Foton Mobility Distribution

  • Workshop

    Building the Financial Case to Transition to Hydrogen:

    • Leveraging low-cost renewable energy inputs
    • Scrutinising price parity with existing and other alternative energy
    • Cost criteria to evaluate the real cost of transition
    • New technologies to achieve improved cost efficiency
    • Overcoming transport and storage challenges to compete on price
    • Requisites to tap into Federal Government’s mechanisms (including Hydrogen Headstart) to narrow the price gap between existing fossil fuels and hydrogen


    Tim Buckley, Director, Climate Energy Finance

    Nigel Hough, Director and QLD Regional Manager, GPA Engineering




    Technical Tour 2

    Wildfire Energy: MIHG Waste to Hydrogen Pilot Plant Launch and Endua: New Energy Hydrogen Production and Storage with Hydrogen Power Banks

    Limited to 50 attendees on first come first served basis

    Innovations, technology and processes to see @ Endua

  • Self-contained energy storage system using hydrogen, fed by solar micro-grid
  • On-site operating unit combines PEM electrolyser, fuel cell and hydrogen storage
  • Grid interaction of power electronics and control systems
  • Discussion of specific challenges associated with manufacturing hydrogen equipment
  • Innovations, technology, and processes to see @ Wildfire Energy

  • MIHG (Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification) pilot converting residual waste and biomass into hydrogen
  • MIHG reactor to breakdown waste at high temperature
  • Gas cleaning equipment and syngas compressor
  • Pressure swing absorption unit to separate hydrogen for us
  • Utilities and process control system
  • Technical Tour Hosts:

    Greg Perkins, CEO, Wildfire Energy and Paul Sernia, CEO, Endua



    Pre-empting your Green Hydrogen Project Risks with Sound Social License to Operate Practices

  • Is Social Licence to Operate (SLO) stil relevant?
  • If so, what are the principles of SLO for hydrogen?
  • What are the emergent localised concerns?
  • How best to overcome them
  • What can we learn from other examples?
  • Practical next steps
  • Facilitator:

    Peta Ashworth, Director, Curtin Institute for Energy

    Kathy Witt, University of Queensland

    Amrita Kambo, University of Queensland


    Finding the Sweet Spot for e Fuels, Biofuels and Hydrogen to Decarbonise Quickly

    • Highlighting the fuels range in the hydrogen economy
    • Taking a deep dive into the academic and economic findings for:
      • Ammonia
      • Biofuels
      • eFuels: eDiesel, eKerosene, eMethane etc.

    This interactive workshop will feature presentations, group discussions, roundtable and panel discussions. With guest contributions from:

  • Jim Wilson, Policy and Communications Manager, Shipping Australia
  • Michael van Baarle, Co-Founder and CEO, Abel Energy
  • Amy Philbrook, Hydrogen Technical Leader, ARUP
  • KS Chan, Chief Commercialisation Officer, CO2CRC Limited
  • Alistair Robertson, H2Project Engineer, Rheinmetall Defence
  • Stephen Forshaw, Chief Representative Australia and New Zealand, Airbus
  • Dr Daniel Roberts, Leader Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science, CSIRO


    Dr Andrew Dicks, Advisor to the Board, Lion Energy, Convenor, Australian Hydrogen Research Network (AHRN), Adjunct Principal Fellow, Queensland Micro-and Nano- technology Centre, Griffith University

    Florence Lindhaus, Cluster Manager Energy, German Australian Hydrogen Alliance

  • 1500
    Speaker, Advisory Board and VIP Welcome Reception: By Invitation Only

    Finance, Regulation, Government Policies and Hydrogen Initiatives to Compete, Achieve Bankability and Accelerate Investor Commitment


    Queensland Hydrogen Investment Forum Breakfast

    By Invitation Only
    Registration Desk Opens and Welcome Refreshments
    Opening Remarks from the Chair and Acknowledgement of Country: 2022 - 2023 Hydrogen Highlights, Milestones and Lessons Learned

    Mike Straughton, Chair, Hydrogen Queensland (H2Q)

    Ministerial Keynote

    Enabling Queensland’s Vision and Ambitions to Achieve Global Leader Status in Hydrogen

    The Hon Assistant Minister Lance McCallum MP, Assistant Minister for Energy, Queensland Government


    In Conversation With:

    State Government Lessons Learned:

    Hydrogen policymakers will share their reflections on the evolving domestic and international policy context and the strategies and approaches for scaling up Australia’s hydrogen sector.


    Anna Freeman, Policy Director, Clean Energy Council

    Confirmed Panelists:

    • Tim Stock, Chair, National Green Power Steering Group and Director of Hydrogen and Clean Energy Programs
    • Chris Shaw, Deputy Director General Hydrogen, Queensland Government
    Morning tea

    Key take-outs, highlights and identified requisites and solutions to address the 'nuts and bolts' hydrogen economy issues


    Roundtable Discussion 1

    Safety Standards and Codes of Best Practice: 2023


    Scott Brownlaw, Clean Energy Consultant, Standards Australia

    Ben Smith, Technical Manager, Risk and Process Safety, ARUP

    Jarrod Irving, Senior Advisor: Hydrogen Development, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)

    Roundtable Discussion 2

    Road, Rail, Airports: Mobility Essentials for Transport Operators


    Renata Berglas, Member Queensland Hydrogen Taskforce, Mobility and Futures Leader QLD, ARRB/NTRO


    Heather Bone, Head of ESG, Team Global Express

    David Cavenagh, CEO, Top Group

    Michael Baulch, CEO, Emerald Coaches

    Dr Ahmed Halima, Hydrogen and Future Fuels Lead, Mott MacDonald

    Roundtable Discussion 3

    Hydrogen Skills and Workforce Design, Build and Planning


    Murray Shearer, Chair Hydrogen and Alternative Energy, Central Queensland University


    Jakes Jacobs, Manager Hydrogen Skills Australia, GISP H2

    Dhawal Nayak, CEO, Grandshake Green Skills Academy

    Roundtable Discussion 4

    Building your Financial Case to Transition to Hydrogen


    Tim Buckley, Director, Climate Energy Finance

    Mike Straughton, Managing Director, CIRC Partners

    Roundtable Discussion 5

    Social License Essentials


    Peta Ashworth, Director, Curtin Institute for Energy


    Kathy Witt, University of Queensland

    Amrita Kambo, Univerisity of Queensland

    Roundtable Discussion 6

    Finding the eFuels Sweetspot to Decarbonise Quickly


    Florence Lindhaus, Cluster Energy Manager, German Australian Hydrogen Alliance


    Dr Andrew Dicks, Advisor to the Board, Lion Energy, Convenor, Australian Hydrogen Research Network (AHRN, Adjunct Principal Fellow, Griffith University

    Guest contributions from:

  • Michael van Baarle, Co-Founder and CEO, Abel Energy
  • Gabriel Vallejos, ARUP
  • KS Chan, Chief Commercialisation Officer, CO2CRC Limited
  • Dr Daniel Roberts, Leader hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science, CSIRO
  • Alistair Robertson, H2 Project Engineer, Rheinmetall Defence
  • Roundtable Discussion 7

    Policy Fundamentals: Industry Insights and Opportunities


    Ekaterina Milne, H2Q Policy and Advocacy Working Group

    Derek Thompson, CEO, Purus Energy

    Ariel Elboim, Senior Advisor, GHD

    Thomas Koller, Senior Hydrogen Consultant, DNV

    Elizabeth Monaghan, H2Q Policy Working Group


    Panel Discussion: Aligning European, Australian, American and Asian Emissions Accounting, Reporting and Trading Rules to Substantiate Emissions Claims Associated with Hydrogen Energy Use

  • Discussing the merits and demerits of various Australian and international Guarantee of Origin Schemes:
    • GO Scheme
    • GreenPower
    • Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGC's)
  • Aligning country of origin and carbon border adjustment mechanisms to interoperate with international registries
  • Moderator:

    Mak Weijie, Head of Australia, Aurora Energy


  • Manuel Weirich, Assistant Director Hydrogen and Clean Energy & GM Green Power Steering Group, NSW Office of Energy and Climate
  • Prerna Bhargava, Assistant Manager, Hydrogen Strategy, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
  • Scott Hamilton, Senior Advisor, Smart Energy Council
  • 1240
    Keynote Presentation: Current Global Status of Green Hydrogen Activity and Electrolyzer Technology Selection

  • David Bow, Vice President, Plug Power USA
  • 1300-1400
    Breakaway Case Study Sessions: Hard to Abate Industry Hydrogen Initiatives in Action

    Logistics Hydrogen Offtake Panel Discussion:

    Lessons Learned, Challenges and Future Ambitions


    Heather Bone, Head of ESG, Team Global Express

    Phillip Parsons, VP Customer Service and Supply Chain, Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Partners

    Chris Dolman, Business Development Manager Clean Hydrogen, BOC Asia Pacific

    Q & A Moderator:

    Renata Berglas, Member, Queensland Hydrogen Taskforce, Mobility and Futures Leader QLD, ARRB/NTRO

    Corporate Case Study Keynote and Panel: Fabrum Heavy Transport, Mining and Aviation Lessons Learned and Next Steps

  • Upcoming hydrogen and liquid hydrogen projects in ANZ
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Keynote: Fuelling Tomorrow. Unleashing Liquid Hydrogen for the Transportation Revolution

  • Dr Barry Prince, VP Hydrogen, Fabrum

    Keynote: Dual-Fuel Trucks: Enabling the Hydrogen Refuelling Network of Tomorrow

  • Gareth Wishart, General Manager, HW Richardson Group


    Dr Ojas Mahapatra, CEO, Fabrum


  • Gareth Wishart, General Manager, HW Richardson Group
  • Geoffrey Drucker, Managing Director, Countrywide Hydrogen
  • Aaron Smith, Managing Director, H2EC
  • Corporate Case Study Panel Discussion:

    Building Domestic Hydrogen Demand Using Existing Networks

    • Taking the lead on domestic demand by decarbonising the gas network
    • Overcoming the community concerns with a collaborative consultation process
    • Tackling the safety conversation head on
    • Underground storage to support hydrogen supply

    Confirmed Panelists:

    Lucy Burke, Manager Hydrogen and Clean Energy Fuels Development, ATCO

    Owen Sharpe, Strategy Manager, Australian GasInfrastructure Group (AGIG)

    Dr Klaas van Alphen, Head of Hydrogen and Future Fuels, APA Group

    David Whittam, Program Manager, Hydrogen, CO2CRC

    Q & A Moderator:

    Bill Tabourlos, Executive Director, Australian Gas Association (AGA)

    Afternoon tea
    Breakaway Panel Discussions: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Hydrogen in Action

    Panel Discussion:

    Discussing Renewables, Land, Water and Critical Minerals Supply Chain Capacity Constraints and Opportunities for Domestic and International Consumption Demand

    Confirmed Panelists:

    Tom Lord, Lead Renewable Technical Energy Advisor, Australian Gas Association

    James Scotland, General Manager Supply Chain Resilience, Australia Industry (AI) Group

    · Nicolette Boele, Impact Committee, Climate Venture Capital Fund

    Q & A Moderator:

    John Grimes, CEO, Smart Energy Council

    Panel Discussion:

    Agri-Business Quick-Fire Case Studies:

    1. Review of the Carbon Emissions Profile of Key Agri- Sectors and Large Farming Businesses: Investment Sentiments and Plans Toward a Decarbonised Economy

    Belinda Turner, Chief Investment Officer, Agri Carbon Investments

    2. Building a Hydrogen Economy to Support Hard to Abate Farming Sectors: Ammonia, Fertiliser, Farming Heavy Industry

  • Leading edge innovation in Australian energy technology and international developments
  • Options for farming and industry to take control of high-cost inputs, shorten supply chains and minimise inflationary pressures
  • Gareth Forde, Principal Engineer, All Energy

    3. Towards the Carbon Zero-Agribusiness

  • The huge and immediate demand for green ammonia in existing industries
  • Advantages of ammonia as a hydrogen vector
  • Making ammonia - an alternative to Haber-Bosch
  • Case study: manufacturing green ammonia in QLD from green hydrogen
  • Towards the carbon zero agri-business
  • Troy Philpot, Element One

    4. Decarbonising Farms' Fuel and Fertiliser

  • Working with farmers to use their own renewables
  • Co-locating production with demand
  • Stable, local supply chains for key farm inputs
  • Decarbonising a value-added export – not ‘dig and ship’
  • David Heard, Executive Director, Australia, Hiringa Energy


    Andrew McCluskey, Executive GM Hydrogen, Siemens and Chair, The Hydrogen Society

    Panel Discussion:

    Hydrogen Social License Lessons Learned and Next Steps Required:

    • Working toward a coordinated and collaborative approach for community and stakeholder engagement
    • Achieving social and environmental sustainability while growing industry and community opportunities
    • Tackling the land and water conversations head on
    • Co-designing and running a community engagement program to authentically respond to concerns

    Confirmed Panelists:

    Mel Rippon, Social Performance Lead, Clean Co

    Emily Raguse, Social Engagement Manager, Stanwell

    Lochlan Gibson, Managing Director, Star Environmental

    Nicole Maguire, External Communications Manager, Powerlink

    Q & A Moderator:

    Peta Ashworth, Director, Curtin Institute for Energy

    Corporate Panel Discussion: Refueling Stations:

    Refueling Stations: Innovations, Risk Mitigation and Practice Codes to Achieve Price Parity for Trucks and Buses Intent on Achieving their Zero Emissions Targets

    • Site compliance and key location considerations to meet demand with a hub and spoke model to mitigate offtake land, labour and distribution costs
    • Taking a first mover approach despite offtake resistance to mitigate the chicken or egg scenario
    • OEM, equipment and other technology partnership strategies with Asia to leverage economies of scale
    • Development approval processes and compliance essentials

    Confirmed Panelists:

    Tom Soulsby, Executive Chairman, Lion Energy

    Alistair Wardrope, Director, Amarna Energy

    Ash Schuurman, Future Energy Project Manager, ARK Energy

    Konfir Kabo, Fueltech


    Michael Baulch, CEO, Emerald Coaches, President, Queensland Bus Industry Confederation

    Close of Summit Day One and Networking Drinks. Welcome: Andy Marsland, Director H2Q

    Domestic and International Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Hydrogen in Action + Special Feature: Focus on Asia

    Registration Desk Opens & Welcome Refreshments

    Opening Remarks from the Chair

    Mike Straughton, Chair, Queensland Hydrogen Industry Cluster (H2Q)


    Ministerial Keynote Address: Queensland Hydrogen

    The Hon Steven Miles, Acting Premier, Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Assisting the Premier on Olympics and Paralympics Infrastructire

    Panel Discussion:

    Focus on Asia: Investment and Offtake Commitments and Future Intentions to Grow the Australian Hydrogen Economy and Achieve Asia’s Decarbonisation Ambitions

    • Mapping the role of hydrogen in the climate friendly energy mix to achieve carbon neutral economies in Asia
    • Unpacking Asia’s appetite to invest in the Australian hydrogen economy scoping proponents in upstream, midstream, downstream and hydrogen equipment technologies (HETS)
    • Supply chain requisites to achieve Asia’s hydrogen ambitions
    • Tapping into the e Fuel sector for sustainable aviation


    Tak Adachi, Queensland Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner (Japan), Trade and Investment Queensland

    Confirmed Panelists:

    Shinichi Tokuda, GM Business Development, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) Japan

    Masashi Shimanuki, Director, ENEOS

    Motoya Nakamura, CEO, IHI Engineering Australia

    Takehiro Maruyama, Project Leader for Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems, Yanmar Holdings

    Panel Discussion:

    Leveraging and Assessing the Success Criteria of Grant Funding Initiatives: to De-risk Investment, Production, Distribution and Early Transition Offtake and the Advancement of Renewables

    • ARENA & CEFC funding lessons learned and achievements thus far
    • Update on Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC plans and other research and innovation initiatives
    • Update on the Townsville Hydrogen Hub and Regional Hydrogen Hubs initiative
    • Deployment plans for the Hydrogen Head-start initiative, National Reconstruction Fund, Net Zero Authority, Powering Australia Industry Growth Centre, Powering the Regions Fund and Industry Growth Program
    • What next for the National Hydrogen Technology Cluster (H2TCA)?


    Paul Hodgson, CEO, Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC


    Claudia Brumme Smith, CEO, NQH2

    Heather Bone, Head of ESG, Toll Global Express

    Paul Sernia, CEO, Endua

    Clare Sykes, Cluster Manager, New H2

    Morning tea
    Keynote Presentation

    Advantage Isn't Enough: How Can Australia Turn Energy Superpower Dreams into Reality

    “Australia has high hopes for hydrogen and other clean economy opportunities. But major economies are pursuing vigorous new forms of industry policy to advance their own energy visions. That may advance some Australian goals and delay or deny others.”

  • What should we do in response?
  • How big can we go?
  • And which opportunities should we prioritise?
  • Innes Willox, Group CEO, Australia Industry (AI) Group

    Panel Discussion:

    Investing in Bankable Hydrogen Projects and the Broader Hydrogen Market: Risks and Rewards

    • Defining the role of investors to accelerate a sustainable hydrogen industry
    • Unpacking new policies, policy signals and other policies required to satisfy investors and remove barriers
    • Discussing investment vehicles and frameworks that are/will facilitate investment by Australian institutional investors
    • Unpacking domestic and overseas policies accelerating the Australian hydrogen economy and the likely impact of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)


    Richard Proudlove, Director Corporate Engagement, Investor Group on Climate Change


    Chris Dunks, Managing Director, Synergenet

    Mitch Shannon, Director, Pollination

    Matt Baumgurtel, Partner, Hamilton Locke and Director, H2Q

    Chris Keerman, Director Project and Export Finance, ANZ
    Panel Discussion:

    Central Queensland Hydrogen Project: International Investment and Offtake Collaboration to Fulfill our Mega Project Vision and Meet Customer Expectations

    • Designing a winning consortium with unique skills and capabilities, and a common vision, to deliver the largest renewable hydrogen project in Australia
    • Offtake commitments and future plans to achieve a sustainable project
    • Lessons learned in respect of social license pre-requisites and findings
    • Job creation and community opportunities in the pipeline to deliver our commitments under the Queensland Jobs and Energy Plan


    Joanna Kay, General Manager, Zero Carbon Hydrogen Australia | Smart Energy Council


    Phil Richardson, General Manager Hydrogen, Stanwell Corporation

    Ryan Matsutani, Manager New Energy Business Development, Marubeni Corporation (Japan)

    Masaru Nishimura, General Manager Hydrogen Development , Iwatani Corporation

    Naoya Takeda, Manager Hydrogen Business Strategy Division, Kansai Electric Power Company Inc

    Corporate Case Study Panel: Countrywide Hydrogen

    Connecting with the Right Partners and Allies to Reach Financial Close and Deliver Green Hydrogen to Domestic and International Offtakers at the Right Price

    • Jigsaw pieces required for final investment decision
    • Integrating investment, feedstock, offtake, and OEM proponents to achieve their zero emission targets
    • Securing offtake from the transport, industrial heat, and natural gas sector
    • The role of Government - State and Federal


    Geoffrey Drucker, Managing Director, Countrywide Hydrogen


    The Hon Peter Gutwein, Former Premier of Tasmania

    Gary Greene, Investment Manager, Infrastructure, Hesta

    Tim Jensen, Managing Director, 7R Logistics

    Peter Shea, Government Incentives Lead, Deloitte

    Joel Stoddart, Managing Director, Walkingshaw Automotive


    Afternoon tea

    Keynote Presentation: Invention to Innovation

    Today the future looks daunting because the world is far better at innovation than Australia is: If we don’t innovate, we could lose 40% of our tax base in the race to net zero, we could lose 40% of our jobs to automation and Artificial Intelligence, and we might not solve 40% of our hardest to abate emissions - If we don’t solve Australia’s innovation dilemma, and turn invention to innovation. Every disruption hides an opportunity, but there’s a valley of death in the way. I’ll show how one organisation turned their market vision into reality and crossed that valley of death to generate $5B in new value by going 90% of the way to net zero. I’ll show, by analogy how Australia too, can cross that valley of death that separates our dream from reality, and that Hydrogen is the key to solving problems that today seem unsolvable, through the power of science turning dream to reality, and invention to innovation.

    Larry Marshall, Ex CEO, CSIRO and Chair American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and Advisor, Australian Government Circular Economy Ministerial Advisory Group

    Start-up Pitch Battle:

    Celebrating the successes of small to medium start ups

    Keynote Introduction:

    Greg Perkins, CEO, Wildfire Energy: 2022 Start up Pitch Batter Winner

    Pitch Battle Participants:

  • Steffen Geries, COO, Stralis Aircraft
  • Prashant Parulekar, Founder & CEO, Infigo Labs
  • Luciano Giangiordano, Founder & CEO, Hydroverse
  • Dr Glen Harris, Co- Founder and CEO, Jovian Tech
  • Liam Scanlan, Managing Director, HINDSITE


    Paul Sernia, CEO, Endua

    Judging Panel:

    Larry Marshall, Ex CEO, CSIRO and Chair American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and Advisor, Australian Government Circular Economy Ministerial Advisory Group, CSIRO

    Heidi Breen, CEO, H2Q

    Greg Perkins, CEO, Wildfire Energy

  • 1615
    Panel Discussion: Central Queensland's Hydrogen Endeavour: Exploring Collaborations, Partnerships, and Strategies for Developing Central Queensland's Hydrogen Ecosystem

    • Key considerations to secure land for hydrogen production
    • Partnering with existing industry to deliver innovative world leading hydrogen solutions
    • Advancing inter-project cooperation and highlighting the value of shared insights, especially during stakeholder engagement in regional communities
    • Strategies for decarbonising existing infrastructure and assessing potential job creation opportunities in construction, utilities, heavy manufacturing, and local service sectors


    Nigel Hough, Director and Queensland Regional Manager, GPA Engineering

    Confirmed Panelists:

    Jarrod Irving, Senior Advisor: Hydrogen Development, Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG)

    Michelle Gane, Hydrogen Development Specialist, Stanwell Corporation

    Dr Attilio Pigneri, Chief Executive Officer, H2U

    Alana Barlow, National Hydrogen Commercialisation Manager, Sumitomo Australia

    Dr Sreeraj Balachandran, Manager Decarbonisation Strategy, Rio Tinto Aluminium

    H2Q Special Address

    Heidi Breen, CEO, H2Q

    Closing Remarks from the Chair

    Pitch Battle Winners to be announced

    Close of Summit