Dr Cristyn Meath

Director, Sustainable infrastructure Research Hub, The University of Queensland

Cristyn’s research contributes to emerging themes within corporate sustainability and strategy literature. Specifically, her research investigates the role of decision making in determining organizational vulnerability to natural capital decline, emerging trends in corporate sustainability reporting, the relationship between organizational values and societal values and more recently industry level action for the transition to circular supply chains. Other current projects focus on the role of emerging technology in empowering young people to contribute to societal level change for sustainability through micro-investment platforms and in reimaging academic work and impact through virtual reality.

Lecturing at UQ Business School, Cristyn’s interest in communicating leading strategy and sustainability research to the future generations of executives, as well as her commitment to new teaching methods and tools are reflected in the course she teaches in the Master of Business program, Decision Making & Reporting for Sustainability and the multiple research students she has supervised.

As the Sustainability Research Program Leader at the Australian Institute for Business and Economics (AIBE, UQ), Cristyn collaborates with industry partners and leading scholars from around the world to deliver critical insights to organizations, policy makers and academia on emerging corporate sustainability issues. As part of this role Cristyn has established and leads the AIBE Sustainability Research Group, supporting academics within the Business, Economics and Law Faculty at The University of Queensland to progress high quality, industry-relevant sustainability research.

Prior to commencing at UQ Business School Cristyn worked with numerous businesses to improve their sustainability, advising business sustainability consultants, and delivering guest lecturers on the topic.

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