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Australian National and State Decision Makers Plan to Win the Global Hydrogen Race

Green hydrogen is to be a key enabler of the global energy transition, and governments the world-over, are embarking on ambitious plans to pursue green hydrogen. Australian National and State decision makers see hydrogen as a burgeoning opportunity to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, achieve their 2050 zero emission goals and become a leader in the global field. In these sessions you will hear from Queensland Government, New South Wales Government and the Government of South Australia sharing their insights to win the global hydrogen race, featuring:

  • A Ministerial Address: The Hon Michael de Brenni MP, Minister for Energy, Renewables & Hydrogen, Queensland Government
  • A Government Panel Discussion: Policies, Incentives & Projects, to discuss key policy tools and agile regulatory regimes to deliver reliable clean energy with hydrogen as a primary in the energy mix.

Felicity Underhill

Fortescue Future Industries are Leading the Green Industrial Revolution with Bold Hydrogen Ambitions to Go BIG, and at Pace

Felicity Underhill, Director of East Australia & NZ Aotearoa, Fortescue Future Industries, will share FFI’s ambitions to build demand, transform supply chains, and commit to large scale production at an accelerated pace.

Research Shows that Hydrogen Decision Makers are Unanimous on the Biggest Challenges

MCI and H2Q conducted research with over 100 decision makers in the Australian hydrogen economy which elicited a unanimous response regarding the challenges facing generators, distributors and off-takers. Distribution, Storage and Certification were cited as the most pressing challenges.

  1. APA Group – Overcoming distribution challenges
    • Dr Klaas Van Alphen will share APA Group’s distribution, cost, safety and infrastructure findings and solutions.
  2. Amarna Energy – Harnessing opportunities to tackle storage challenges
    • Andrew Lelliott will present Amarna’s findings to overcome challenges and scale opportunities with the right storage technology to apply to evolving applications.
  3. Clean Energy Regulator Guarantee of Origin (GO) policy
    • The Clean Energy Regulator has recognised the need for Australia to develop a Guarantee of Origin (GO) Scheme which encompasses hydrogen. Mark Williamson will discuss the “GO” trials, how “GO” works and the pathway to deliver an Australian Government scheme.

Long Haul Locomotive, Mining, Steel and Domestic Applications: New Developments and Home-Grown Technology to Tackle Diesel Head-on

Aurizon – Long Haul Locomotive: Putting Aurizon’s climate strategy into action including their hydrogen ambitions

Aurizon are faced with enormous challenges to decarbonise their massive fleet, reliably and at the right price. Hydrogen is on their agenda. Roger Buxley and Damien Harding will share their climate strategy to achieve net zero.

Rio Tinto – Mining and Steel:  Developing our hydrogen fuelled future

With zero emissions a priority for the mining and steel industries, the cost of switching and other ramifications are pressing concerns for off-takers. Sreeraj Balachandaran will present the role of hydrogen in Rio Tinto’s decarbonisation pathway.

Endua – Home Grown Case Study: Tackling diesel head on

Paul Sernia is embarking on a new journey, following on from his sensational clean technology start-up success. He will present his past and current journey, his future plans and solutions, to overcome the obstacles to develop a commercial – demand driven- hydrogen- home grown innovation, with lessons learned from his previous start-up Tritium, which went public in the Nasdaq earlier this year, listing the Brisbane based company at 1.3 billion.

AAHA! Accessing the HYDROGEN Arterial Route and Trucking on Sunshine: WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, & HOW?

A new tri-state collaboration between New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland announces the beginning of a renewable hydrogen refuelling network for heavy transport on Australia’s busiest freight corridor. NSW is expecting 10,000 hydrogen heavy vehicles will be on the road by 2030, and Queensland Minister for Hydrogen Mick de Brenni claims Queenslander’s will be ‘trucking on sunshine’ in his recent speech.

John Edgley from Hyzon & Mark Gjerek from Mov3ment will share their solutions to decarbonise fleets and road freight. They will be joined by Neil Wang, from Foton Mobility in a joint Q & A facilitated by Renata Berglas.

How does Hydrogen Stack up Economically: What Will it Take for Hydrogen to Win?

Technology, Innovation, Cost Competitiveness and Economic Essentials

Competing on price is critical to get off-takers on-board. Dr Alex Wonhas, NSW Department of Planning and Environment, will highlight the initiatives and price point factors to give heavy industry what they want, when they want it, and how they want it.

Fondly and widely regarded as the “Godfather” of hydrogen in Australia, Professor Ian Mc Kinnon, Queensland University of Technology will share his insights to supercharge and superconduct your future energy transition. Ian is a member of QLD Hydrogen Taskforce and advisor to Queensland Government on hydrogen, as well as other local councils, helping them piece together a viable vision with a deep understanding of a complex energy system. He knows what is necessary and how innovation and technology are key to transition to hydrogen at a cost-competitive rate.

Hydrogen Connect Dialogues and Panel Discussions

There is no doubt that collaboration and conversation is required to achieve the seismic shift for a hydrogen fuelled economy. It is for this reason, that the Hydrogen Connect Summit, has crafted 7 panel discussions:

Japanese Trade Panel Discussion: Japan and Australia in Collaboration

This is the first-ever Japanese trade delegation to attend and present collaboration in action. Japanese investment commitment to the Australian hydrogen economy is prolific and plentiful. This panel will feature JOGMEC, Sumitomo, Kansai Electric and The University of Tokyo who are looking to forge relationships, heavily invest and partner with Australia to meet their clear zero emission targets.

National Domestic Demand Panel: Unravelling the “known unknowns” disrupting transition to achieve a seismic shift to hydrogen

Executives from AGIG, CS Energy, Top Group, Future Fuels and Toll Global Express, will discuss pricing, safety, and technological competitiveness of hydrogen over other renewables, along with the risks, cost implications, constraints, challenges and technological maturity, for early domestic adopters to switch from existing renewables and fossil fuels.

Financing “Bankable” Hydrogen Panel: What is needed to harvest financiers growing appetite for green finance portfolio investments?

Let’s find out at the Hydrogen Connect Summit, what banking, investment and financing institutions need, to improve and inspire their appetite to finance hydrogen projects.

Diverse Demand Panel: Opportunities and pathways for diverse industries to achieve a realistic price point

Heating, mining, local councils, steel and metals, ammonia, fertilisers, glass, cement and long-haul mobility including road freight, ferries, and aviation, are hard pressed to transition to zero emissions. They are but the tip of the iceberg, with facilities, agriculture, and other energy end-users recognising the value of hydrogen in their energy mix. Ark Energy, Abel Energy and Hiringa Energy will discuss what it takes for diverse demand to make hydrogen projects commercially viable in practice.

Science & Innovation Panel: Tackling industry problems with innovation, research and science

Hydrogen generators, distributors and off-takers require an abundance of new technology, and academia are working hard to harness technology and science to tackle industry problems. The University of Queensland have a prolific suite of solutions underpinning a renewable hydrogen sector and are playing a key role to attract investment to energy projects and sustainable hydrogen supply in Queensland, supporting transition to a low emissions future.

Mega-Project Stanwell Case Study Panel: Downstream, mid-stream and up-stream

The Stanwell Project is a large scale 300 MW Queensland renewable Hydrogen Project with a view to exporting hydrogen to Japan, as well as supplying large local industrial customers in the central Queensland region. To achieve collaboration is required between upstream, mid-stream and downstream partners. Phil Richardson, Dmitry Danilovich, Caroline Beattie and Masaru Nishimura, will discuss their roles in this mega “collaborative” project.

Social License and Collaboration Panel: Crucial conversations to get ahead of your game

As is the case with any new emerging industry, stakeholder engagement is paramount to success. Building trust and knowing context gives integrity and assurance. Conversations are essential for companies to engage authentically and to allay fears. Consultation, with stakeholders helps us understand viewpoints and public perception. Social identity is even more challenging when we expand renewables, especially with existing communities that could be impacted. Sensitivity is required, as hydrogen has negative safety connotations and environmental concerns, requiring assurance with different generations ranking different issues. Currently cautious optimism pervades with bi-partisan support evident.

Hydrogen Connect Pitch Battle

It is suggested that Mining Equipment Technology Services (METS) are bigger economically than mining itself. The same is anticipated for (HETS) Hydrogen Equipment Technology Services. Australia needs start-ups to create a burgeoning HETS economy. Let’s meet some of these start-ups, battling it out, LIVE and in person at Hydrogen Connect.

At Hydrogen Connect, participants will network, learn, discuss and engage, to influence their hydrogen fuelled future with inputs from visionaries and corporates participating in hydrogen generation, transmission, storage distribution and end-use, fuelled with opportunities for manufacturers, investors, generators, distributors and off-takers.


WHEN: 08 – 09 September (07 September Pre-Summit Workshops)

WHERE: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

WHY: Connect with key players, talk business, have your concerns heard, and harvest the opportunities as Australia transitions to hydrogen


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