Meet our 7 Asian VIP Speakers shaping future investments and offtake plans

Asia have already demonstrated their commitment to leverage Australia’s hydrogen offerings to achieve their carbon neutral economies.

In October 2022 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company signed an MOU with Cement Australia to study the manufacture and sale of green methanol.

In January 2023, Eneos President: Saito Takeshi announced the construction of a demonstration plant to produce methylcyclohexane*² (hereinafter “MCH”), a type of hydrogen carrier, using its proprietary low-cost “electrochemical synthesis of organic hydride” method3 (Direct MCH ®4). The 150-kilowatt-scale medium-sized electrolyzer (approximately 200 times larger than the electrolyzer used in the 2021 demonstration*⁵), which ENEOS recently succeeded in developing the technology for, consists of stacked electrodes with a surface area of 3 square meters. The electrolyzer realizes increased efficiency in MCH production with electrodes which are nearly the largest by size that is used industrially.

IHI Engineering Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of IHI Corporation, founded in Tokyo, recently confirmed The IHI Group was awarded an engineering and construction procurement contract by CS Energy for the Kogan Renewable Hydrogen Demonstration Plant. The IHI Group are developing technologies to employ energy from hydrogen.

Yanmar has developed a fuel cell technology to use hydrogen to produce electricity. Last week they announced the commercialising of a 300kW maritime hydrogen fuel cell system with plans to propose the installation into various ships including passenger, work and cargo ships where hydrogen refuelling is available.

The Hydrogen Connect Summit 2023 program is delighted to welcome these organisations participating in the Focus on Asia Panel: Investment and Offtake Commitments and Future Intentions to Grow the Australian Hydrogen Economy to Achieve Asia’s Decarbonisation Ambitions:

  • Shinichi Tokuda, GM Business Development, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) Japan
  • Masashi Shimanuki, Director, ENEOS
  • Motoya Nakamura, CEO, IHI Engineering Australia
  • Takehiro Maruyama, Project Leader for Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems, Yanmar Holdings

They will discuss:

  • The role of hydrogen in the climate friendly energy mix to achieve carbon neutral economies in Asia
  • Their appetite to invest in the Australian hydrogen economy scoping proponents in upstream, midstream, downstream and hydrogen equipment technologies (HETS)
  • Anticipated supply chain requisites to achieve Asia’s hydrogen ambitions
  • The e Fuel sector and sustainable aviation

Not one, but TWO Panel Discussions featuring Asian proponents in the Australian hydrogen economy

Stanwell Corporation have made significant strides with their Central Queensland Hydrogen Project leveraging collaboration with international investors. The Project continues its Front-End Engineering and Design study and progress towards a Final Investment Decision in late 2024. Consortium members to participate in the Hydrogen Connect Summit include:

  • Ryan Matsutani, Manager New Energy Business Development, Marubeni Corporation
  • Masaru Nishimura, General Manager Hydrogen Development, Iwatani Corporation
  • Naoya Takeda, Manager Hydrogen Business Strategy Division, Kansai Electric Power Company Inc

Together with Phil Richardson, General Manager Hydrogen Projects, Stanwell Corporation, they will share:

  • Their unique skills and capabilities, and common vision, to deliver the largest renewable hydrogen project in Queensland
  • Their ongoing close collaboration with governments in Australia and Asia to support the emerging hydrogen industry and governments policy objectives to decarbonize
  • Offtake considerations and future plans to achieve a sustainable project
  • Lessons learned in respect of social license studies and Queensland’s CSG to LNG industry
  • Job creation and community opportunities in the pipeline to deliver commitments under the Queensland Jobs and Energy Plan

This post is part of the panel discussions available at the Summit. Want to help shape the conversation in your sector? Register now, and tackle challenges to accelerate the hydrogen economy.

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