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The NSW and Victorian Governments Amp up their Spend on Hydrogen Fuelled Trucks and more Refuelling Stations to Drive Uptake of Renewable Hydrogen in the Transport Sector

The heavy-vehicle industry gets a hydrogen boost to help transition from fossil fuels. Queensland Government announced last week that it plans to build Australia’s first hydrogen refuelling pump at a public service station in Brisbane. In a joint announcement the New South Wales and Victoria governments will spend $20m on hydrogen refuelling stations along Australia’s busiest freight highway, and will each spend $10 m on grants to manufacture about 25 hydrogen-fuelled trucks and at least 4 refuelling stations.

Engage with Tim Stock, Director of Hydrogen and Clean Energy, NSW Government; Neil Wang, CEO, Foton Mobility; John Edgley, Managing Director, Hyzon, and Mark Gjerek, Director, MOVE3MENT at the Hydrogen Connect Summit 2022.

Find out more by viewing the program 9th September, 1105-1205

Which Electrolyser will be Australia’s biggest?

VIVA Energy Australia has ordered a platinum-using proton exchange (PEM) water electrolyser from Hydrogen US with a contract value of about 4million Euro. THE 2,5MW Electrolyser will provide green hydrogen to a fleet of heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles. In February this year Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest announced that construction had begun on FFI’s 2 GW electrolyser factory in Queensland which FFI claim will be the largest in the world upon completion in early 2023.

Andrew Dicks

Dr Andrew Dicks, Advisor to the Board Lion Energy, Convenor of the Hydrogen Research Network, CSIRO and Adjunct Principal Research Fellow, Griffith University, will conduct a pre-summit half-day workshop at Hydrogen Connect Summit unravelling the pros and cons of PEM, AFC and PAFC systems, SOFC and MCFC fuel systems; intrinsic inefficiencies, systems integration; exploring the innovations in materials and engineering necessary to build commercially successful fuel cell systems.

Find out more by viewing our Pre-Summit Workshops (Workshop B 0900-1230, 7 September)

Hydrogen Workforce Development Features as a Key to Further Industry Growth and Maximise Workforce Opportunities with $50 Million Commitment Towards Renewable Infrastructure

  • $20 million for Stage 2 of Queensland Apprenticeships Centre at Beenleigh
  • $17 million for Pinkenba Renewable Energy Training Facility
  • $10,6 million for the Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Training Facility at Bohle in Townsville
  • $2 million to upgrade facilities at Gladstone State High School to prepare students for Hydrogen jobs.

“All Queenslanders should have the opportunity to reskill or upskill to advance their career and pursue new opportunities.”

– Minister Di Farmer

Hydrogen Leakage: Knowns and Unknowns

According to a report by Columbia Centre of Global Energy Policy, hydrogen leakage risks have been identified along the entire value chain, including production, delivery and end-use. End-use leakage risks are the least understood. In reference to the Australian state of regulation, they suggest Australia will need to expand its current gas definitions regarding quality and value within the Australian Gas Supply Act and the National Gas Law.

Emelia Addo-Appiah, Hydrogen Strategic Initiatives Manager, Standards Australia, Daniel Krosch, Future Energy Technical Manager, Planet Ark and Nancy Norton, Senior Inspector Petroleum and Gas Resources, Safety & Health Queensland, will conduct a half-day workshop at Hydrogen Connect Summit, which will include a LIVE panel of ME-093 committee members providing an overview of the current priorities including update on storage, handling, international fuel cell standards and hazardous considerations.

Find out more by viewing our Pre-Summit Workshops (Workshop C 0900-1230, 7 September)

The September 2022 summit, supported by The Queensland Government and H2Q, will evidence and share “Hydrogen in Action”, detailing the latest solutions and hard-earned lessons learned, to make your transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen a commercially viable green alternative. To view the detailed agenda, including the speakers and panellists visit www.hydrogenconnect.com.au/program

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