2022 Day Two Highlights

We promised you “Hydrogen in Action, for the industry by the industry”, and Day 2 was packed with action and industry discoveries. Filled with abundant action, hard-won learnings, success stories and holistic hydrogen happenings, Australia are in it to win it!

By 2050, Japan’s demand for hydrogen will be 20 million tonnes per year and they want to work with Queensland to supply.

The Japan and Australia collaboration panel discussion featured the first ever “in person” Japanese delegation post Covid, starring some of the most influential hydrogen personalities; representing highly regarded academia, big-ticket investment, top-deal government funding and the biggest utility off-taker, who shared their past, current and future Japan-Australia collaborations, with a healthy appetite for Australian hydrogen.

Did you know Australia/Japan Opportunities are the ‘Big Deal’?

  • Just this week the Japanese delegation have had a flurry of MOU signings with Queensland Government and Academia.
  • Japan needs to substitute fossil fuel with more hydrogen, more storage and better technology to procure 20 million tonnes per year of hydrogen, and more.
  • JOGMEC have invested US$6.7M in supporting projects in Queensland and have realised the new paradigm to procure hydrogen from Queensland, with a desire to channel their government funding to de-risk Australian projects across the hydrogen value chain.
  • Sumitomo Corporation will provide and invest in new technology to fulfil needs of their suppliers to meet their Japanese demand, with win-win relationships to develop a reliable supply of hydrogen for Japan and for Australian domestic use.

““There is a $1.5 trillion renewable opportunity in Australia.”

  • Kansai Electric, have a demand for 30% of Japan’s hydrogen consumption. As a power generator, distributor, transmitter and retailer, Kansai have decided that cost competitive hydrogen energy will be procured abroad from sustainable suppliers. Kansai, with government support are lowering the cost of renewable energy power to lower the cost of hydrogen.

Diverse Demand Panel Discussion and Mobility Case Studies

Be it zinc, shipping, or mobility, companies committed to hydrogen as a zero-emission solution are forging ahead, with some of them and/or their customers willing to pay a premium for hydrogen energy, and/or a premium to switch They are building hydrogen solutions around their customers, and for their customers.

Mega Project Case Study Panel Discussion

Stanwell supported by both the Queensland and Japanese Government have passed the feasibility hurdle with their collaborative mega-project, including feedstock, pipeline, finance, storage and offtake contributors innovating solutions for commercial scale.

Other Hydrogen Connect Summit 2022 corporate presentations featured:

  • The introduction of hydrogen to domestic gas networks
  • New technologies for Rio Tinto’s hydrogen fuelled mining and refining future
  • Aurizon’s climate strategy, with Hydrogen Electric Tenders potentially on their cards for their long haulage high energy demand rail requirements
  • Together with other industry leaders offering good-to go-solutions to deal with some of the pressing challenges which are being addressed regarding storage and distribution
  • And the Australian Government’s Guarantee of Origins Policy which could well be legislated before the end of 2023.

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